Rooms & Pickup Information

The students will meet in the Extended Care Rooms upon dismissal at 2:30:

  • Please pick up at door # 9 located on Kostner Ave. near 82nd St.

If you are unable to pick up your child and wish to have someone else do so, it is mandatory that you contact the school to inform them first.  Please give them the name of the individual picking up your child and their relationship.  This person will need to show a proper I.D.  NO STUDENT WILL BE RELEASED from Extended Care unless the proper steps above are taken.

Homework:  All students 1st thru 8th must work on their homework after signing into Extended Care. It is mandatory that your child utilize the first hour on homework or reading.  We will help your child with homework BUT will NOT be responsible for the completion of his/her studies. 

Snack:  Each student will be given a light snack.  Snacks will be served between 3:30 and 4:00, after our homework study hour.  We encourage you to add an extra snack or sandwich with your child, especially students in sports programs and afterschool activities.  The light snack we provide may not be enough for some of the students who stay several hours. 

Toys: We ask that your child does not bring any toys from home to Extended Care. These toys may get lost or broken, but if you have toys or games that you would like to donate for all children to play with at Extended Care, they would be most appreciated.

Play clothes: Children may bring a change of clothes, if desired. Outdoor play is often scheduled. Please have your child dress appropriately for the weather.

Expectations for Children’s Behavior: The children in Extended Care must follow the code of expected behavior at St. Bede. The students must listen to workers, be polite, and respect the workers, as well as the other children. Should a child continually be disrespectful and violate the school code of conduct, a conference between the parent, child, and Extended Care staff will be held. For grades 3rd - 8Th, a behavior mark on his or her contract will be given. If necessary, Mrs. Stewart, Principal, will be notified.

Termination/Cancelation of Services: The services provided by Extended Care may be terminated for the following reasons:

  • Non-observance of Drop-off/Pick – up Procedures
  • Abuse of Service hours (chronically picking up child after 6 p.m.)
  • Non-payment or chronic late payment of fees
  • Failure of parent or child to respect the safety and rights of workers and other children at Extended Care.
  • Chronic, disruptive violation of our Code of Expected Behavior

In such circumstances, a conference will be held with the parents, Extended Care staff, and    Mrs. Stewart, Principal, to determine the appropriate action. Should the decision be to remove the child from Extended Care, a one-week written notice will be given.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Falco at